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Marton is a Hungarian photographer based in London.

After realising his previous job and career as a marketing manager is not as fulfilling as he imagined it would be Marton decided to move to London to become a photographer.

He learned photography while working in a studio and later by assisting Internationally renowned photographers. Currently Marton splits his time between London and Budapest. 

While working in a busy environment he always try to find some time to work on his personal projects.​ As a commercial photographer his main field is Fashion and Portraiture but in his personal work he often uses a Documentary approach to tell stories.

He is also one of the Founders of Rapt Magazine which is a contemporary art platform for artists across all mediums, from the emerging to the established.

Please feel free to contact Marton any time if you would like to purchase prints or you would like to discuss a project with him.


Areta, Atlas, Dreamingless, Elegant, Flanelle, FWord, Kaltblut, Krowd, MW, Pink Prince, Rank, Rolls Royce Magazine, XYY, 7HUES





M: +447500954704



M: +36703633989

IG: @martonschneider

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